Monday, 9 January 2017

DIY Christmas Wreath

Good evening everyone.
First of all wish you all a very Happy New Year!

So how is it going? Hope you all keeping well. Well today I have one beautiful DIY for you , which for sure you gonna love and try it once. Yeah, today I have come up with a DIY Christmas wreath. Yes I know, it's too early for the Christmas! I made it for my home this Christmas and thought of sharing it here. You never know who would be searching for something like this.. So to your wonders its perfectly handmade and that too you would just need the old newspapers that is available with you all at your home. So why not turning your waste into something meaningful and beautiful project.

So are you ready to have glimpse of it?

Here you go....

Bring in some old newspaper to your workspace. Take single sheet at a time and fold it along the length such that after folding you are left with 4-6 inches of folded sheet. Fringe them with atleast half-an inch in width and 4-5 inches in length(if it's 6 inch fold). Keep these fringed sheets aside. For the base of the wreath, take few full newspapers(with all its pages inside) and start twisting it from both the ends(length-wise). In my case I made 4 such twisted rolls. You may be required more or less depending on your size of wreath. My wreath turned to be around 18" along the diameter after completion. Once your twisted rolls are ready join their ends to one another using sellotapes and form a circle like shape.

Now take your fringed sheets and start adhering it(rotating it inside-out of the circle) on the circle(base) so formed. Repeat untill you reach back to your origin point. Unfurl all the fringes to give it more of puffy look. Now using spray bottles colour your wreaath. Do it in two coats to get better results. Let it dry for a day or so. Once it's dry completely adhere the glitter thermocol balls and other ornaments. Now choose any one point(preferably the origin point where you started adding fringes) cover it with thick ribbon and tie bells to it and tie bow too with the same ribbon. Tada you are done. Your own hadmade Christmas wreath is ready.

Materials Required

Some old newspaper(actually you would need lots depending on the size of your wreath).
Some spray paint bottle,(In my case I used 2 bottles of olive green shade ).
Adhesives(wet) and some sellotapes.
Glitter thermocol balls(small)
Christmas bells

Hope you like it! Do share your creations here if you try it. See you soon. Till then stay safe!

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