Thursday, 28 April 2016

Childhood art

Hello everyone...

Hope all well with you..

Today I am going to share my few drawings, paintings etc that used to be part of my summer vacations. Hope you like them. So here you go..

I could find these many only. Thanks for spending a moment here. Will be back soon. Till then Happy crafting.

PS: Some are of my sister's..:)

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Hello everyone..

Hope you all doing good..

I am Rishita. This my very first blog and its very first post too. I am a postgraduate(MTech), you might be wondering why n how I am here.. It was my love for craft (my hobby) that took me here. Back to my childhood days, I have been into this. I love to sketch, do DIY, paper crafting, quilling etc. Nowadays my love for die cutting stamping has increased so so much..though I have only little knowledge about same..but soon will be getting perfect hands on them. I have created few projects which I will be going to share soon and guess what it will include all the projects that I had created long long back. Yes I have some of my childhood collections as well. They are more or some like kiddish. Hope that don't bother you.

PS: Hope you like them and stay tuned for the next post.
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